Spinach Tomato Omelette

Good morning,

This tasty nutritious spinach omelette is a perfect satiating breakfast. I am trying to follow quantified nutrition and this breakfast meal is a part of my diet plan. It is cooked in 2 tsp olive oil. I have used cherry tomatoes but you can replace it with the normal one.

Good to Know

Eggs are rich in Vit. D, B6, B12, selenium, zinc, iron & copper. The yolk has more fat and calories than the egg white.

MACROS 247.5 Calories 13.4g Protein 5.5g Carbs 19.2g Fats

Makes one omelette
Course : Breakfast/snack
Difficulty level : Easy


2 whole eggs
25 gm chopped spinach
3-4 cherry tomatoes or deseed and chop 1/2 normal tomato
1/2 finely chopped onion
2 tsp Olive oil
1/4th tsp Garam Masala (optional)
1/4th tsp Italian seasoning or Oregano
1/4th tsp Black pepper powder
Salt & red chilli powder/chilli flakes to taste
A bunch of chopped fresh Coriander leaves


1.Whisk two whole eggs in a bowl and add chopped onions, spinach & fresh coriander leaves. Mix well

2. Add black pepper powder, Italian seasoning, garam masala, red chiili powder & salt. Whisk well to get that nice and fluffy omelette !

3. Put 2 tsp olive oil on a hot tawa or pan. Pour the mixture and add tomatoes on top!

4. Cook well from both the sides, serve hot.

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13 thoughts on “Spinach Tomato Omelette

    1. I am honored that you found something useful here Fernando! So sorry to hear about your health issues but so glad to hear that you are recovering from cancer, must have been a long battle! I can feel that you are a person with a strong will power because I believe that medical science alone can not cure people! keep the flame burning!! My husband is a diabetic too and i use to worry so much about his condition until one day he said “See i am not having white sugar at all and that’s known as white poison in Ayurveda! i am watching my diet and I exercise daily now which a healthier me, would have never thought of doing, so i may actually end up living more!!”


      1. Thank you so much, Deepika, I believe that if each of us join forces life will always have more meaning and meaning. I know the battle with cancer will be until the last of my days but I am calm and at peace. I am aware of the disease, that the results so far have been negative for cancer, and so even care is redoubled because it is very treacherous. one of the essential points to move forward is healthy eating. I am very well do not feather my mental strength, faith, friends, but above all by the strict food discipline, from which I do not depart, but from the exercises as your husband said very well. in your space I have found many points of identity and gradually I will get to know better and as much as possible, accomplishing much of what your sensitive generosity offers us. health to all of us. greetings from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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      2. So true “If each of us join forces life will always have more meaning….” Your words of wisdom are worth pondering over and over again. I have learnt that strict food discipline requires a lot of mental strength and the results as we know can be enjoyed in terms of improved physical and mental health for long. The calm & peace that you are experiencing now comes from acceptance. Acceptance sets us free! Kindly accept my sincere wishes for a safe, healthy and happy life. More power to you!


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